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Optimization Blueprint

Optimization Blueprint

Solve your biggest and most complex business problems fast.

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Optimization Overview

The FICO Platform, also known as the FICO® Decision Management Platform, includes powerful products and services that allow businesses to quickly and easily apply optimization techniques to rapidly solve their biggest and most complex problems. FICO provides a deep portfolio of optimization options — FICO® Xpress Optimization — that enable users to easily build, deploy and use optimization solutions that meet their needs.

Standard optimization capabilities include scalable high-performance solvers and algorithms, flexible modeling environments, rapid application development, comparative scenario analysis and reporting capabilities, for on-premises and cloud installations. The architecture is modular and supports integration with third-party data sources, machine learning, other analytic packages, and callable services.

The FICO Platform connects data with optimization and advanced analytics, making it available to solutions, applications and decisions. FICO Xpress Optimization and the FICO Platform allow organizations to understand how to construct the problem and validate the results very carefully, whether developing a mathematical model or configuring a framework that brings together decision variables, constraints, and objectives, profit models of the decision, predictive and action-effect models, and business expertise. Business users and analytic teams can also use prebuilt solution templates to access a vast array of algorithms to reduce time-to-market.

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