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Centralized Decisioning Blueprint

Centralized Decisioning Blueprint

Make better decisions across the customer lifecycle.

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Centralized Decisioning Overview

Companies face intensifying pressure to improve the customer experience.

Rising customer expectations, competitor innovation and increasing regulatory requirements are motivating companies to unify customer engagement and improve coordination between today’s siloed business units.

As organizations move to connect decisions between customer lifecycle channels—such as acquisition, origination, customer management, collection and fraud—and apply advanced analytics (ML/AI) to more data from more sources, they are confronting core functional gaps. The FICO Platform, also known as the FICO® Decision Management Platform, provides foundational capabilities that address these gaps to connect and centralize customer engagements. The open platform breaks down silos of standalone applications, solutions and data by connecting data management, rules, strategies, predictive analytics and optimization throughout the decision lifecycle, making them available to multiple applications and services.

Centralized Decisioning results in a faster time to market, consistent customer engagement at a greater scale, and better strategies. It provides a 360-degree view of customer data and customer interaction logic, allowing companies to fully view and understand their relationship with customers. Most importantly, it empowers companies to deliver a unified and harmonized experience to their customers, which improves cross-selling, revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Accomplishing this requires more than just a common execution platform or technology standard; it requires a rich set of capabilities that enable the business to manage, measure, understand and improve outcomes. Culminated from thousands of customer engagements and hundreds of technology patents, the FICO Platform enables the cohesive adoption of Centralized Decisioning.

Centralized Decisioning