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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Ever Wonder How Southwest Airlines ranked #1 in customer satisfaction while staying consistently profitable?

Case Study

When you’re Southwest Airlines – the largest domestic carrier in the US and profitable for 40+ straight years – staying ahead of the rest of the industry means consistently finding new ways to reduce costs, improve performance and customer engagement, and keep crews and other staff happy. What’s one of their key ingredients for success? FICO Optimization, which helps them solve their most challenging, complex problems.

Whether getting the best price on the 1.9 billion gallons of fuel, improving flight team quality of life through intelligent crew scheduling, or even reducing delays due to inclement weather, Southwest counts on FICO Xpress Optimization – and now, FICO Optimization Modeler – to make the best decisions every time, faster than ever, so that they can safely and profitably get millions of customers to their destinations. Download our new case study to learn the many ways Southwest keeps resetting the global standard in the airline industry.